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Timothy Jasper


Tim Jasper's aspiration in life is simple: He just wants to be the best divorce attorney in the City of Chicago. Actually achieving that goal is, suffice it to say, considerably more complicated and challenging. "There's the nature of the work itself: We are not just divorce attorneys, we're also real estate attorneys and tax attorneys. Divorce law itself is a finite, relatively small area of the law, but what we have to know, practically speaking, involves an infinite number of subjects, just about everything that goes along with running a life," he notes. "We are managing a person's life, and with that comes great responsibility and real accountability."

Though the goals and results in divorce proceedings are as serious as life and death, for Jasper there also are many personally rewarding, very engaging aspects of his family law practice. "I like being involved with what's important to my clients," he says. "I like the immediate results, and I like the broadness and variety—the fact that I am not just reviewing the same kind of case over and over."

He has found that clients appear in different emotional states and bring with them varying levels of knowledge or expertise. "I might be representing the most sophisticated, confident person in the world, or the very opposite, a person having trouble managing his or her life after having it turned upside down. I can completely empathize with both."

Along with the variety and diversity found in his clients, Jasper appreciates the complementary and contrasting backgrounds and personalities of his fellow attorneys at Davis Friedman. "There is a wealth of knowledge here. We have so many different types of people, a range of ages, backgrounds and perspectives. The adage that there are no stupid questions holds true here. Everyone is more than happy to offer their perspective and answer any questions."

Jasper's first law job was in personal injury law, followed by insurance defense work. "But my dad always thought I would do well in family law," he recalls, "so I found a job doing that and worked at my first family law firm for almost two years. Then one day, after working on a case, the opposing counsel from Davis Friedman called me at seven in the evening while I was still in the office." Jasper ended up accepting a position with Davis Friedman in 2005, and has been with the firm ever since.

Considering his own attitude and approach in the practice of divorce law, Jasper says, "I value integrity and truthfulness more than anything. I hold my responsibilities to my clients to the highest standard. I prefer to work things out, whenever possible. But if the case must be litigated, I am not intimidated. I want to prove that I am right and the other side is wrong. And I want to win."

Admitted to the Bar

2002, Illinois


University of Kansas Law School, J.D., 2002

University of Iowa, B.A., 1999

Professional Memberships

Illinois State Bar Association

Chicago Bar Association: Matrimonial Law Committee, Member

Accomplishments and Publications

Listed in Leading Lawyers

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