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Joshua T. Friedman


"As a divorce lawyer, I look first at my clients' needs and family values before I get into the financial legalities of their case," says Josh Friedman. "A divorce case is a legal business resolution, but it is also a confidential personal relationship."

Having first practiced in labor law and commercial litigation, Friedman is well versed in business resolutions. "But being a divorce attorney takes a different kind of energy," he points out. "Our family law clients typically are experiencing a major state of transition. We are not only their lawyer but also their trusted advisor, offering clarity and support during a period of extreme distress. We have to take that into consideration when discussing support, child custody, property division and all the other aspects of a client's case."

While acknowledging that a family law attorney must be an expert also in financial matters including taxes, real estate and asset valuations, Friedman emphasizes that "the resolution of every case must be approached with our client's family values in mind." He explains: "Our true strength is that we can identify key issues. And we know when to tap experts in other fields to help address complex matters that affect a divorce settlement."

"When I handle a case," Friedman adds, "I have the benefit of close to two dozen attorneys here specializing in family law who are available to help each other when the case calls for it. We discuss difficult issues and our clients benefit by getting different points of view to consider. Every case is unique, and has to be adapted to the needs of each individual client. Solid assessment and reliable intuition, based on years of experience, bring clarity to a clients cases and set us on the path for a successful outcome."

For Friedman, there is also a personal element. "As the father of two teenage girls myself," he explains, "I find that custody battles are the most likely to keep me awake at night. What is best for the children is the primary issue. If there is a need to go to court, I'll use psychological experts, mediation and judicial pre-trials in an effort to avoid trauma to the children in custody disputes."

One of the universal challenges in determining child custody is to anticipate the significant changes that occur so quickly in children's daily lives. A span of just a few years can encompass, for instance, the shift from a simpler grammar-school schedule to a more complex high-school schedule of extracurricular activities and sports, a shift that can make a dramatic difference in how children spend time with each of their parents. "Our task is to find a way to foresee these changes without knowing precisely what they will be," Friedman states.

He adds, "At Davis Friedman, we always prepare for a trial in a way that encourages a settlement without custody disputes, or a successful result with a trial."

Admitted to the Bar

1991, Illinois


Miami University of Ohio, B.A., 1986

Washington University Law School, J.D., 1991

Professional Memberships

Chicago Bar Association

Illinois State Bar Association: Family Law Section, Member

American Bar Association: Family Law Section, Member

Accomplishments and Publications

Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (IICLE): Business Valuation, Financial and Tax Issues Affecting Divorce, Planning committee, Member, 2005-2011

IICLE: "Drafting Marital Settlement Agreements," Faculty, 2012

IICLE: "Premarital Agreements: Drafting and Analysis for Family Law and Estate Planning," Lecturer, 2011

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