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When it is time to dissolve a marriage or to address complex matters associated with that decision, the lawyers at Davis Friedman bring a wealth of knowledge and a wide range of professional experience, along with personal insight and empathy, to solving problems for each client's unique situation.

Thoughtful, thorough, and tough, our team at Davis Friedman pursues effective solutions through clear communication and mutual respect. As successful specialists in the practice of family law, we understand how best to resolve complicated issues associated with divorce. As spouses, parents, and some of us as adult children of divorce ourselves, we also recognize, personally, that decisions we help you make today will permanently affect your family's future.

In our firm we share a common goal: to achieve the best outcomes for our clients while minimizing stress and unnecessary conflict. As skilled strategists and expert negotiators, Davis Friedman partners and associates mediate with confidence—and litigate forcefully when necessary.
At Davis Friedman, we work for the best outcome for you. And to assure the best possible solutions for all persons affected in the divorce, we help parents make practical decisions about child custody, visitation, support, education costs, maintenance and alimony payments that are critical, life-altering choices.

When it is useful and prudent to do so, we work with other professionals to resolve complex issues including premarital agreements, co-ownership, forensic and future valuation of businesses, appraisal and division of property, and income-tax implications.

All of our diverse services are grounded in clear, timely, and honest communication, guided by integrity and care for our clients' best interests.

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Errol Zavett
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Nobody is too smart or too stable to never have a marital problem...there is nobody in America who doesn't know somebody who has been divorced.

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Published Reference Books

Illinois Practice of Family Law
By Muller Davis, Jody Meyer Yazici and James L. Rubens
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Divorce Handbook
By James T. Friedman
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Nichols Illinois Civil Practice, Family Law Volume (Vol. 7, Revised 1999)
By consulting editors Errol Zavett and Larry R. Kane for the chapter on family law
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